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Health and Social Affairs Editor

Lucy Johnston is Health and Social Affairs Editor of the Sunday Express and hosts the podcast 'Sketch notes on...'

She was previously investigative journalist for The Observer and the Daily Express. She started her career as News Editor and then Assistant Editor of the Big Issue

Over the course of her career Lucy has featured on TV and radio and was one of the journalists to ask questions at the televised Downing Street covid-19 press conferences. 

Lucy hosts meetings and gives talks and advice about the media to organisations, charities and educational establishments. 

She has written prolifically about the covid-19 pandemic since her first article warning of the threat to the UK from Wuhan, China, published in February 2020. 

Lucy has led the way in highlighting novel aspects of the disease as well as the political and social ramifications of lockdown measures.

She continues to work closely with leading scientists, clinicians, charities and MP's from across the spectrum to provide balanced and novel perspectives of the virus and the societal impact of lockdown measures. This includes a live interview with the architect of Sweden's "soft lockdown" Anders Tegnell. 

She ran one of the first articles highlighting the call from medics for PPE as well as highlighting the development of new tests and treatments as they started development.

Lucy has been ahead of the curve in throwing a spotlight on the collateral costs of the UK pandemic policy including deaths of children who failed to access medical care as well articles on the impact on time critical conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Lucy helped run a newspaper campaign to highlight the effects of lockdown measures to children and teenagers -  "Generation Lockdown" - which won the backing of MP's and scientists. 

And she has highlighted testimonies from numerous UK scientists who have been vilified or silenced by employers, peers or other academics for their expert views on lockdown measures. 

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